The opening reception of Surrounded by Reality, an exhibit of street photography by the San Francisco Street Photography Group (SFSP) was Friday, April 13, 5:30-8 p.m. at the Harvey Milk Photo Center. This exhibition’s name, Surrounded by Reality, comes from a well-known quip by Jefferson Airplane guitarist Paul Kantner. The show aims to demonstrate the breadth, scope and skills of the group members capturing the vastness that is today’s San Francisco.

Street photography is about people. Street photographers try to capture everyday humanity in the midst of a “Defining Moment”, hoping for the odd candidly taken shot with perfect timing that says it all in a single frame. The effect of such a photograph is to call attention to often overlooked instances around us in our daily life, or to resonate with a viewer as a familiar moment in their life, or to provoke the viewer to stop and question their own social perspectives.

Surrounded by Reality will feature one photograph from each participating SFSP member. In addition, the gallery alcove will feature “SFSP Photogs in Action,” which are candid snapshots of SFSP photographers exercising their craft!


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