Park Maintenance


There are more brown spots in the park than usual. Michelle Pallavicini, Park Services Manager, explained in a recent email, “The Irrigation lines and valves feeding east from the Recreation Center down through the People Only lawn have been breaking one right after the other. We are having a difficult time getting the plumbers to make the repairs. This has caused the issues of inconsistent watering patterns. Gardener Mark needs to water during the day to get the coverage but can only do so much before flooding from the valves becomes problematic. In one case the main line is cracked before the valve which has reduced the flow/pressure along that line thereby decreasing the reach of our emitter equipment.

The bollard and cable fencing around Dog Play Area is in the process of being replaced. The original fence rotted out and was posing a safety hazard. Bollards on the east side of the DPA from the water fountain to Duboce still needs to be installed and should be completed by the end of the month.

Pallavicini said, “This project has been in the works for a very long time and we finally found the funds and a project we could tack it onto. Many in the park have complained that we are doing this and not fixing other items in the park like the dog fountain or the irrigation. This fence replacement is in a different project group.”

The water fountain at the top of the Dog Play Area has had problems. The lower bowl for dogs will not shut off and the drain in the asphalt is clogged. The upper bowls do not work at all. A work order for repairs has been submitted and remains another item on the plumbers’ to do list. Pallavicini also said she is trying to get a new water fountain for that location. The fountain near the Muni stop is operational.

Friends of Duboce Park has ordered a new slide to replace the missing slide in the Children’s Playground and we are waiting for it to arrive. We just received a report that the tube has a defect.