Park Maintenance

The fenced portion of the Dog Play Area is scheduled to reopen on February 28. The area was fenced off on December for three months for turf restoration. The closed off area measures 12,960 square feet (1440 square yards or almost 0.3 acres). New sod was installed there; other areas in the park were aerated and seeded. All of these areas need time to recover grow.

The atmospheric river that drenched Northern California definitely resulted in the park looking greener but many of those green areas have sprouted invasive weeds that are difficult to get rid of.  San Francisco posted its second-rainiest day ever in over 170 years on New Year’s Eve and almost 8 inches fell in San Francisco between December 30 and January 8. That’s just over an inch shy of the historic 9.26 inches of rain that fell between that same period in 1861-62.

Irrigation repair in the park is almost complete. Michelle Pallavicini, Park Services Manager, explained in a September email, “The Irrigation lines and valves feeding east from the Recreation Center down through the People Only lawn have been breaking one right after the other. We are having a difficult time getting the plumbers to make the repairs. This has caused the issues of inconsistent watering patterns.“

Rec and Park ordered a new slide to replace the missing slide in the Children’s Playground and it was supposed to arrive in December but still hasn’t arrived. The climbing tube in the tot section has a crack and also needs to be replaced.