The Harvey Milk Photo Center offers numerous introductory photography courses as part of their Winter 2017 class schedule. Two courses starting in February are featured below. The complete class schedule and description of courses are listed at harveymilkphotocenter.org.photolab

Digital Printing Made Easy – Intro Level, starting on Tuesday, February 21, is an introductory level workshop for students who wish to understand the key basics and steps for digital printing. Each step is broken down into an easy- to-follow step by step demonstration.  Students will then practice the steps and make their own prints in class.

Cyanotype – Making Prints By Hand, starting on February 25, teaches students how to make beautiful blue, painterly prints simply and inexpensively — from digital or film photos. A Cyanotype print is made using the sun and water and can be printed on almost any surface. Students will learn to make the chemicals, prepare paper and chemicals, and use or make negatives from film or digital photos. Then students will learn how to expose, develop and tone the prints with tea, coffee and other simple chemicals. This class will show you how to use this historical process in very versatile, creative ways to make unique, hand-made art.

The Photo Center is looking for volunteers to help run their wet darkroom and digital lab. Contact the Center at 415-554-9522 to sign up. Established volunteers are welcome to take a complimentary course of their choosing each season.





Photo by RE Casper

Photo by RE Casper




EXposed, a juried exhibition of street photography, opens tonight at the Photo Center, 5:30-8:30 p.m. The Harvey Milk Photo Center and the McLaren Lodge will house the exhibition, which runs through January 22.

Exploring the streets from the Marina to Excelsior, from the Embarcadero to Outer Sunset, the photographers of the SF Street Photography Group spent years documenting the lives of everyday people throughout the 49 square miles we call San Francisco. They capture commuters, shoppers, culture-seekers and tourists alike, all contributors to the rich fabric of life on The City’s streets. Their images also examine the deep-rooted social contradiction that exists here, where the harsh realities of living in the streets intimately co-exists with über-sophisticated urban cool.

The deadline for submissions to the juried Nocturnes & Noir Exhibit starting on February 11 has been extended to December 15.  The show is curated by Tim Baskerville, Director, The Nocturnes Night Photography Group and Dave Christensen, Director, Harvey Milk Photo Center. According to the Curator’s Statement, the title of the exhibit hopes to shine some light on two schools of thought regarding Night Photography (NPy).

The first, a romanticized landscape photography of Nocturnes, traces its origins to the late 19th century, the Pictorialism movement, and later on, the efforts of the Photo-Secessionists. The second style of NPy – Noir – was heavily influenced by German Expressionism, Surrealism, and associated, as early as the 1920s and 1930s, with the newly formed cinema, which attained its apex in the Classic Film Noir period of the 1940s and 1950s. Photographers like Bill Brandt and Brassai echoed the dark vision of the Film Noir tradition with surrealistic content; punchy, “contrasty” scenes; and heavy darkroom manipulation.

More information is available here: http://harveymilkphotocenter.org/exhibits/nocturnes2016/














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