The Harvey Milk Photo Center offers numerous introductory photography courses as part of their Winter and Spring 2017 class schedule. Two courses starting in the next two weeks are featured below. The complete class schedule and description of courses are listed at harveymilkphotocenter.org.

There are two Instructional Photo Walks at Lake Merced and Fort Funston this Friday and Saturday, March 11-12 from 7-10 a.m. There will be discussion of several conceptual ideas for nature photography and students will be able to try out several techniques such as fill-flash, depth of field, color balance, lens choice, macro photography and capturing atmosphere. You will need a digital SLR camera and the ability to use it in manual mode. A variety of lenses, a light tripod, extra batteries and CF or SD cards are recommended.

The class will meet at sunrise at Lake Merced to catch the early bird atmosphere of Lake Merced’s moisture rising off the lake surface, fishermen, and rays of sunlight through the trees. Sunset Ft. Funston offers the chance to capture low flying hang gliders, the ocean, bouncing packs of dogs, and everything the beach has to offer in a place that offers many geological formations and a great variety of flora and birds.

Artistic Development will teach you how to Mat, Frame, and Present Your Photos in a one-day class on Saturday, March 18 from 12-3:30 p.m. Learn from a fine art photographer the easy methods and tools for matting and framing your work, including preparing your work for presentation and finding affordable ways to enhance your images. This workshop will include a hands-on instruction and demonstration. Students can bring examples of their work for the demonstration.

The Photo Center is looking for volunteers to help run their wet darkroom and digital lab. Contact the Center at 415-554-9522 to sign up. Established volunteers are welcome to take a complimentary course of their choosing each season.

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