MAINTENANCE UPDATE – April 12th, 2018

The two fences in the Dog Play Area were removed in time for DogFest on April 7.  Park Service Manager Michelle Pallavicini pointed out that “dogs beat up turf with urine, feces and bounding about and the owners always stand in one zone tossing the ball in the same spot…(which) creates the wear patterns.” She added that the fencing was put up to allow new grass to take root.” Bare, brown spots are now located in the middle of the DPA that was not fenced.

Rec and Park has reduced water usage by 43% citywide since 2013, according to a community report from the department. This decrease contributes to brown and/or bare spots in the grass throughout the park during the dry season, but those areas returned to green during the recent wet winter.

Five signs were put up around the People Only Area to remind people that dogs are not allowed on the grass in that area, whether on leash or not. Pallavicini said she had received several complaints from neighbors “wanting a clean and safe picnic area” and that there has been an increase of dog feces in that area. Temporary signs were helpful in the past, so Rec and Park is trying them again.

Numerous requests have been made to resurface the basketball court, which is now pitted and uneven under the east basket. Rec and Park has been selectively addressing courts throughout the park system that are in need of total resurfacing, focusing on the worst courts first. Duboce Park is on that list and we will eventually see the court resurfaced.

The outside of the playground slide was painted green on April 3 to match the other green equipment in the playground…the railing on the Pierce Street steps has been replaced after a car that went down the stairs knocked it over.

One of the mosaic No Skateboarding signs at the Scott Street Labyrinth has been partially covered by a black asphalt that was added to correct a tripping hazard, making a functional piece of art an eyesore. Rec and Park will be correcting the situation soon.

Rec and Park’s plumbing department repaired the irrigation system on the lawns on the Scott Street side of the park. Many of the sprinkler heads that become buried over time were “daylighted” and can once again provide water to areas near them.





 The two fenced areas in the middle of the Dog Play Area were put up to give the most worn areas a chance to recover from the normal heavy use. Some of those same areas were fenced last year and did recover somewhat but are now fenced again for “seasonal turf maintenance.” Rec and Park added dirt and seed to the most worn areas of the DPA before fencing them.

One of the bollards on the west side of the DPA is broken and bent. Two rungs are missing from the monkey bars in the Children’s Playground. Work orders have been submitted to repair both problems.


The basketball court is showing signs of wear, particularly under the east basket. Small holes and worn spots have been filled but a few small holes remain. A work order has been submitted for maintenance. Rec and Park has done a good job of replacing worn nets and straightening out bent rims.

Park users are encouraged to file reports of problems by using the 311 app or calling 311. Photographs can be attached using the app.







There are many large brown spots, some down to bare dirt, in the grass in Duboce Park. Friends of Duboce Park asked Michelle Pallavicini, Park Services Manager, for an update on these and other conditions in Duboce Park. Her responses are below.

 Fence in the Dog Play Area

The huge fence that covered most of the Dog Play Area was removed and a much smaller fence was put up in the southeast corner to give that area a chance to recover from heavy use. The area looks much better than it did a few months ago, but there are still some worn areas.

Brown Areas on Eastern Edges of Knoll/Hill

“There is no irrigation in this area. When the park was renovated and that medial pathway was installed, the irrigation was not continued along the path resulting in a large dry patch every summer. This is the next project following the item below. We will need to extend the irrigation along the edge corner to install at least two more turf rotors. This is a large project that requires trenching and assistance from our plumbing shop.”

Brown Areas in People Only Area

“The area was already compromised prior to the meter change out and that heavy heat spell. Then we had a valve break on that station. So the area went beyond salvageable. The valve break has been repaired and fine-tuned to ensure proper irrigation coverage. This area is a priority.”

“Also note, the park irrigation was designed in such a way as to flood the facility. As city mandates required severe cut backs in our irrigation outputs, we were required to adjust the system to avoid any flooding or runoff on the pathways. The irrigation heads are not in the correct positioning to achieve edge coverage without flooding the pathways. Ideally there should be irrigation along the edge. So now we need to find the perfect balance between runoff and edge coverage.”


Four new lights were installed in the alley on the north side of the Recreation Center and that area is now illuminated at night. However, one of the three lights at the western end of the Youth Play Area is burnt out and the light from another fixture is blocked by a tree, resulting in that area being dark at night. Also, the decorative lights in the front of the Rec Center are out.

“The lights at this facility have been a constant headache the last few years — bad photo cells, damaged wires from vandalism, broken timers, tripped breakers, etc. I’m still trying to get the light turned off adjacent to the DPA that hasn’t been shut off in more than two years and the light turned on at the Noe entrance. The work orders are in for all items and the electricians are aware of the issues. Again, our shops are inundated with work order requests and getting to them as soon as they are able. All shops are extremely short staffed and many of the work order issues are not easy fixes.”





Proceeds from our Tag Sale this year were used to pay for new lighting (see picture at the top of this newsletter) in the alley on the north side of the Recreation Center that should make that shortcut between Carmelita and Scott streets much safer and deter drug injection and other illegal behavior. The four new light fixtures illuminate the darkest parts of the alley.

The two large bushes that were located just outside the northern low wall of the Scott Street Labyrinth were removed to allow people to sit on the wall and also create more open sight lines into that part of the park. New plants will be installed as soon as the existing roots have a chance to decompose.

The fence in the Dog Play Area will remain up until the new grass has a chance to take hold. Some areas inside the fence look brown and the area just east of the fence also looks worn down to the dirt.  The fence forced the annual Bark in the Park last Saturday to use a much smaller area of the Dog Play Area.

There are also extremely worn areas that are down to dirt near the northeastern edge of the hill, next to the pedestrian path and also around the benches on the upper lawn. Rec and Park has been notified and has promised to address the problem.




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