Duboce Park’s heavily-used basketball court will be resurfaced sometime this fall, according to Dennis Kern, Director of Operations for Rec and Park. The court is now at the top of the queue of court repairs and will be the next city park basketball court to be resurfaced. Besides being used by the After School Enrichment Program (ASEP), Summer Camp, and skateboarding classes, the court receives plenty of regular use from local hoopsters. Two of the six baskets are only eight feet high, which is two feet lower than a standard hoop, and is very popular with our younger, smaller users.

Graffiti remains a problem in the park, but Rec & Park almost always removes it within a day or two of being notified. Most recently the bulletin board and drinking fountain near the Muni stop were tagged but the graffiti was removed almost immediately.

The most heavily used sections of the Dog Play Area are once again turning brown and bare, specifically the edge of the lawn near the Potomac Street benches and a few worn sections in the middle of the DPA. Rec & Park has tried a number of times recently to fix the problem by fencing off those areas and putting in new sod and/or adding new dirt and seed.  Heavy use adversely affects those areas, especially during the dry months of the year.


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