The grass in the Dog Play/Multi-Use Area (DPA) has always been a problem to maintain due to the extremely heavy use the area gets. Rec and Park is planning a rehabilitation project this month. According to Michelle Pallavicini, acting Park Services Manager, the work will require fencing off a portion of the grass and leaving the fence up for a few months.

Rec and Park will aerate, grade, seed and fertilize the top, western portion of the DPA. Once that area has settled and stabilized, the fence will be removed and the process will be repeated in middle section of the DPA. Doing all of the work at one time would require completely closing the entire DPA, so the plan is to do it in sections to ensure there will always be an open space to play in.

A huge area of grass is almost completely gone around the bench across from the playground, leaving bare dirt. This seems to be a cyclical problem with green grass (and weeds) appearing during and after the rainy season and brown dirt during the dry months.

Worn areas of the rubber surfaces of the Playground and Youth Play Area were filled using colors that contrast with the original colors and have a very irregular shape. We have requested more geometrically-shaped repairs, i.e., all rectangles and/or circles, and colors that match.


According to Pallavicini, Rec and Park has “a severe shortage of the rubber product for about six months, so many of the safety priority repairs were dealt with first and with what product they had left in store. Many of the parks in the system are exhibiting the same wear patterns as Duboce…the (maintenance) yard has received a new supply of rubber product and they are making their way around to all the facilities to get these repairs accomplished. As for the irregular patterning… yes, we are pushing along a more uniformed neutral aesthetic…I have work orders for repairs in process.”

Friends of Duboce Park purchased a new bulletin board to replace the one that one was vandalized for the fourth time on May 7.

Graffiti remains a constant problem and Rec and Park does a good job of removing it within 24-48 hours of receiving a report. All of the problems listed above were reported on the SF311 app or in an email report to Rec and Park. You can always also just dial 311 rather than using the app or email.


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