Duboce Park’s heavily-used basketball court was resurfaced in late November and is now open for play, although the courts still need to be painted. 

As has been the case for years, the most heavily used sections of the Dog Play Area (DPA) became brown and bare during the dry months of the year, specifically, the edges of the lawn near the Potomac Street benches and worn sections in the middle of the DPA. On October 11, the areas were aerated, soil and seed were added, and were fenced off for about eight weeks. The eastern edge of the knoll has also been treated and fenced off.

While some areas have returned to green as a result of this extra attention, other areas in the DPA are still brown and bare. Some of the areas that were fenced are still brown. Weeds are growing in the fenced off area on the knoll. The recent rains will help the lawns and they should turn green soon.

Graffiti continues to be a problem in various areas of the park but Rec and Park almost always removes it within 48 hours of being reported. To file a complaint, use the 311 app, which allows you the check on the status of your complaint. 


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