MAINTENANCE UPDATE – March 9th, 2017

Many areas of the park that were fenced off are now open again, including the new grass near the Potomac Street benches and a huge section of the Dog Play Area. However, three areas remain fenced off to allow those areas to recover from the recent winter rains: the southeast corner near Duboce and Steiner streets, an area near the house on Steiner Street that abuts the park, and a small area in the middle of the Dog Play Area. 23 athletic fields around the city remain closed due to wet conditions.

A new drinking fountain was installed near the Muni stop and includes a water bottle refilling station and dog water bowl at the base.

Using funds from our last Tag Sale, Friends of Duboce Park is working with Rec and Park to repaint the fading playground equipment and replace the two metal perforated staircases that are rusting, leaving sharp edges on the rusted areas that could cause injuries. The painting will probably take place in the next month or two after the new stairs are installed.

Graffiti remains a constant problem and Rec and Park does a good job of removing it within 24-48 hours of receiving a report. All of the problems listed above were reported on the SF311 app or in an email report to Rec and Park. You can always also just dial 311 rather than using the app or email.









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