Registration for Rec & Park fall classes and programs began August 4 for classes beginning in August and September. There are almost 1,500 activities to choose from this fall, including 42 classes at the Harvey Milk Recreation Center for the Arts and 52 photography courses in the Photo Center. The complete catalogue of classes is available online  or pick up the 120-page catalogue in the lobbies of the Rec Center and/or Photo Center. For registration click here

This month we are featuring the five dance classes that start at the Center in September. Chinese Folk Dance (starting September 10) teaches the fundamentals of Chines folk dance. Dance Conditioning (September 11 and September 13) is a full body dance workout for beginners and experts. Dance/Exercise – Take the L.I.D. Off (September 12) is a low impact dance oriented fitness class that combines aerobics and simple dance movements.

Recreation and Parks offers Recreation Scholarships to eligible individuals and families. More than $1 million in scholarships in Rec and Parks programs has been provided. Ongoing eligibility is dependent on attendance record. Please call Lillian Bautista, Scholarship Coordinator, at (415) 831-2717 for information on how to qualify.


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